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neopetsneedlove's Journal

Neopets Need Love
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This community is for posting anything, EXCEPT for the following: Lab Ray results, expensive items you bought or are selling. If you won a rare item or something, that's okay to post.
ALSO!! Post Neopets fan art! I love seeing Neopets fan art. =)

NOTE: I'm working on a layout for us at the moment, so please bear with me!

Welcome to the Neopets Need Love Community. This community is for those true Neopians. By this, I mean Neopians who don't just worry about what color their Neopets are and how many Neopoints they have. Here in this comunity, we are true Neopians. That means that we actually buy toys and play with our Neopets, we buy grooming items and groom our Neopets, and we buy food for our Neopets instead of using the Soup Faerie, Giant Omelette and Giant Jelly to get food.

Neopets is about more than just having the rarest pet, the rarest colored pet, and the most Neopoints. Neopets is about responsibility. Believe it or not, each time you feed your pet, you're taking the responsibility to make sure they're healthy.

Neopets is also about caring for your Neopets. Think about it, if Neopets were REAL creatures like our own pet cats and dogs, you'd take more care of them, wouldn't you? Why should they be any different?

I'm proud to say that whenever I make Neopoints, I use them to buy food, toys and grooming items for my pets. Who cares how many Neopoints you have, or what cool colors your pets are? I used to think that's all Neopets was about, until I wisened up and realized it's about much more.

So if you're just like me, and actually CARE for your Neopets like your real pets, join this community. We need more Neopians who care.


1. No community advertisements, unless it's for a fellow Neopets community. We welcome ads for fellow Neopets communities, and nothing else.

2. No profanity. Please realise that there are younger kids who play Neopets as well. So please refrain from profanity.

3. No fighting. Keep all disagreements with other Neopians out of this community.

4. Don't join unless you care about your pets. We don't want anyone in this community who cares solely about how many Neopoints they have or the color of their pets.

5. Join only if you actually groom, play with, feed and care for your pets. If you don't, take a hike.

6. cybunny_ is your community maintainer and will take every action necessary to make this community pleasent. If you have any problems, contact me via AIM: BenjiGC03 or on my LJ.

7. Have fun!